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IGNEOS™ Professional Guitar Pots // COMING SOON

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Key Features:
  • Pro-Grade Guitar Pots
  • More Durable Build
  • Firm Grip Turning
  • Fine Tolerance +/- 10%
  • 250k for Single Coil Pickups
  • 500k for Humbuckers & P90



    IGNEOS™ Professional Guitar Pots // COMING SOON

    Product Details


    The range of Obsidian® IGNEOS™ professional guitar pots is the new standard for pro-grade guitar wiring.

    IGNEOS™ Guitar Pot Features: 

    • Durable Design - for years of trouble free use
    • Firm Grip Turning - For a solid feel and secure settings
    • Fine Tolerance - Guaranteed +/- 10% from Spec

    More Durable

    The IGNEOS™ range of guitar pots is built with a full brass shaft and bushing and full size US spec body for years of trouble free use. On the Split shaft pots we also used a c-clip washer to remove any risk of 'push-through' damage.

    Firm Grip Turning 

    The IGNEOS™ Firm Grip design means more rotational force is required to turn the knob. This allows you to set your tone and volume controls with less risk of bumping them out of position while playing. 

    Fine Tolerance 

    The tolerance range of IGNEOS™ is guaranteed to be within +/- 10% of the specified value. This means that your pots will be closer to the specified resistance range (e.g 250k or 500k) than you can expect with stock pots, allowing your pickups to work as designed.

    Choose the right pots:

    250k or 500k Pots?

    In most cases choose 250k pots for single coil pickups, or 500k pots for humbuckers and P90s. If you are unsure, check in with ObsidianWire for advice, or check your pickup builders install manual.

    • 250k pots - for single coil pickups
    • 500k pots - for humbuckers & P90s


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